Wednesday, February 25, 2015

School From Home Days

With winter in full swing, our school system has created a way for students to continue to learn even if school is canceled! 

One of the most important places to check is your teacher's webpage. These are updated with activities for students to complete to make sure learning continues. Hard copies of activities and assignments could also be given upon returning to school. If you run out of things to do, we've got you covered! Below are some fun websites that will keep the learning going all day long - Don't forget to go out a have a little fun too :-) 

Khan Academy - Having trouble with learning how to add mix numbers? This website has step-by-step videos and practice problems. This site also has some Science and Social Studies videos as well! 

IXL - Great way to review math standards we have gone over in class as well as a preview to standards we will learn later in the year.

iCivics - Want to learn and play games at the same time? This site is for you! It's a great place to learn more about our government and the part you play in it! Ms. Smith recommends the Bill of Rights Game - test your knowledge on the first 10 amendments to the US Constitution

Safari Montage - Like a video your teacher showed in class? Want to find more just like it? This is a great site to do that! Login using your HallCo username and password and you now have access to lots of information videos! 

Brainpop - Great place to check out videos on LOTS of topics. Each video also has a quiz to check for understanding on topics. 

Science Flix – Want to learn more about matter? Totally ready to learn about diseases in a fun and exciting way? Check out ScienceFlix. It has lots of cool videos, articles, and information to help you learn all about different types of Science!

ABCya! - Lots of fun games and learning activities for practice! Reading, Math, Typing, ELA, Writing, Science, and Social Studies ALL in one place. 

Do you have a favorite website that we should add to this list? Did you use one of the links and like what you saw? Comment below and let us know! 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Falcons Training Camp

Our fifth graders had an AMAZING time at Falcons Training Camp on Friday. We got to experience what football players go through during training and have a little fun too! We danced, ran, jumped, threw a football, jogged, raced, and laughed! Here is a short video of a couple of snapshots from our fun time - Make sure to ask you fifth grader about this camp and I'm sure they'll have something to say!