Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Most Busiest Time of the Year!

We can hardly believe it is already November! Fifth graders have had LOTS of exciting things happen in the last few weeks. We had an amazing trip to Aqualand Marina where we learned about repairium barriers, water filtration systems, and lake wildlife. We spent our time learning both on a boat looking for phytoplankton and on land learning all about our lake and all the valuable resources it has!

Fifth graders also turned in some AWESOME volcano projects! Mrs. Baldwin is so proud of each one. It was amazing to see how much knowledge these students showed during their presentations and it’s always fun to see these volcanoes erupt!

On November 11th, our school honored Veterans Day through presentations performed by our fifth graders! Our students showed a video, performed a play, and led an activity for all the grade levels in our school.

Check back soon for updates on the exciting things we are doing in fifth grade!

Important Upcoming Dates:
November 18th – 4-H
November 19th – Skate Country Night
November 21st – Stevie B’s Night
November 25th through November 30th – Thanksgiving Break